UNIROL is Bahrain’s leading high-quality reinforcement steel plant, and the first of its kind in the Kingdom. It was conceptualized in 2003 to serve the growing demand for construction steel in Bahrain, fueled by high oil prices that resulted in unprecedented growth throughout a wide spectrum of the economy in the region as a whole. The plant was completed in 2008 and began commercial production in 2009.

UNIROL strives to do its part in contributing to the economic, infrastructure, and real estate development in the Kingdom. Its goal is to produce steel rebars conforming to the most widely desired international standards. The standards of quality control, internal testing, third party confirmation of conformity, and Government approval of its products confirm that the goals set forth and committed to reach have been achieved. UNIROL strives to create new partnerships with clients and assuring the best level of products in terms of quality, and highest level of delivery and after-sales service.